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Can You Use Pellets In An Electric Smoker? (Solved)

Can You Use Pellets In An Electric Smoker?

Do you own an electric smoker AND a pellet smoker or grill?

I’m sure you might have wondered if you can use your pellets in your electric smoker.

After all, it’s a valid question because most electric smoker instruction manuals flat out tell you not to use pellets.

But here’s the thing, many experienced smokers have been doing it with on issues!

In this guide, I’ll break it all down – the safety concerns, practical tips, and help you decide if using pellets in your electric smoker is right for you.

What The Manuals Say

Electric smoker manuals usually advise against using pellets for a couple of reasons.


First off, they’re worried about potential fire hazards. Pellets are really dense and highly combustible, so if you’re not careful, they could cause excessive heat or even catch fire.

Plus, pellets can produce a ton of smoke, which could lead to your food tasting like an ashtray.

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These warnings are there to protect you and your property.

That said, many smokers have found ways to use pellets safely, which I’ll talk about next.

Can You Use Pellets In Electric Smoker?

Yes! You can definitely use pellets in an electric smoker, and in some cases, it might even be better than traditional wood chips.

One of the biggest advantages of using pellets in your electric smoker is convenience.

If you’ve already got a pellet smoker or grill, chances are you’ve got a nice supply of pellets on hand. Using them in your electric smoker means you don’t have to buy wood chips separately, saving you some cash.

Plus, pellets tend to burn slower than wood chips, which means you’ll need to add them less often and can maintain a more consistent smoking temperature.

And because they burn slower and more consistently, pellets can impart a deeper smoke flavor to your food.

Safety Considerations


Using pellets in an electric smoker can be handy, but you’ve to follow some important safety steps.

Overloading the smoker with pellets can lead to potential fire hazards and way too much smoke. 

To avoid both of these risks, it’s recommended to use only a small amount of pellets at a time, like no more than 5 pellets. 

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Stuffing too many pellets in there can also cause a blowback effect, where smoke comes rushing out of the exhaust, potentially damaging the smoker or even injuring you.

How To Use Pellets In An Electric Smoker

If you’ve decided to give pellets in your electric smoker a try, here’s what you’ll want to do:

  1. Preheat your electric smoker to the temperature you want for cooking, usually around 225°F.
  2. Load no more than 5 pellets into the smoker’s wood chip tray or wherever you put the smoking material.
  3. Keep a close eye on the smoke level and add a few more pellets (up to 5) as needed, usually every hour or so.
  4. Don’t overload the smoker with pellets, as this can lead to excessive smoke and potential fire hazards.
  5. Maintain the smoker’s temperature throughout the cooking process to ensure consistent smoke generation.

Tips For Smoking With Pellets

To get the best results and avoid over-smoking, here are some tips and tricks:

You should always use higher temperature settings (around 225°F or higher) to maintain consistent smoke production. Lower temps may cause the smoker to cycle on and off, resulting in uneven smoke levels.

Experiment with different types of pellets to find the flavors you like best. 

Hardwood pellets like oak, hickory, and mesquite offer distinct smoke profiles.

And you might want to consider using auxiliary devices like a pellet smoker tray or a cold smoke generator if you want to cold smoke with pellets.

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Make sure to always monitor the smoke level closely and adjust the pellet quantity accordingly too.

Too much smoke can make your food taste like a campfire.

Wrapping Up

Electric smoker manuals may tell you not to use pellets, but it is ok to use.

By being really careful, using pellets in moderation, and following the tips and guidelines we’ve covered, you can safely and effectively use pellets as fuel in your electric smoker.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether you want to use pellets or wood chips.

But if you do go with pellets, always put safety first and keep an eye on those smoke levels to prevent over-smoking your food.

Happy smoking!


What Are The Best Pellets For Electric Smoker?

The best wood pellets for your electric smoker depend on the type of food you’re smoking and your personal flavor preferences.

For example, fruit wood like apple, cherry, and pear woods are all mild-flavored woods that pair well with poultry, pork, and fish. And hickory wood goes well with red meat and pork.

Can You Use Pellets In A Pit Boss Electric Smoker?

You can absolutely use pellets in a Pit Boss electric smoker! 

In fact, it’s designed to use wood pellets for fuel.

Their electric smokers have a hopper to hold the pellets, an auger to feed them into the burn pot, and a heating element to ignite and maintain the desired temperature.

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