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Can You Use a Smoker in the Rain? (Solved)

Can You Use a Smoker in the Rain? (Solved)

Getting ready to fire up the smoker for some tasty barbecue, but the weather report says it’s going to rain? 

Don’t cancel your cookout just yet – you can still use a smoker in light rain!

In this post, I’ll go over the difficulties of smoking in the rain and give you some tips to see if you can still get that perfect smoky flavor, even with a bit of rain. 

Challenges Using A Smoker In The Rain


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Temperature Fluctuations

One of the biggest challenges of smoking in the rain is keeping the temperature consistent.

When it rains, the smoker is exposed to moisture, which can cause the temperature inside the smoker to change its heat levels. 

Due to this reason, It becomes more challenging to maintain a consistent cooking temperature. 

This uneven temperature can lead to uneven cooking or potential food safety issues if the temperature drops too low for an extended period.

Put Out The Fire

If your smokers use charcoal or pellets as fuel, the rain can extinguish or dampen the fire. 

This makes it difficult to maintain the required level of smoke and heat that is necessary for proper smoking. And starting the fire again might be difficult in the rain too.

Electrical Components Getting Wet

Electric and pellet smokers have electrical components like heating elements, control panels, and wiring that shouldn’t get wet.

If these parts get wet from rain, it can cause problems like electrical faults or safety issues. 

Water can cause short circuits, rust, or make the smoker stop working properly.

There is also a risk of electric shock, which is dangerous.

Soggy Wood Chips/Pellets

If wood chips or pellets get wet from rain, they can produce too much smoke, which will affect the flavor of the food.

And wet wood will also burn unevenly, leading to a bitter or bad taste.

Apart from that, wet fuel sources may cause flare-ups or temperature issues by making it challenging to control the smoking process.

Difficult To Keep The Fire Going

For charcoal and pellet smokers, you need to keep a steady fire going.

Rain can make this difficult because it can dampen the fuel, affecting how well it burns and the heat levels.

Wet charcoal or pellets can smolder instead of burning well, which lowers the temperature and extends cooking time.

Meat Can Become Wet

If the meat or food that is being smoked is exposed to rain, it can obviously become wet. 


Water on the meat’s surface can prevent proper smoke penetration, resulting in less flavorful food. So this wetness will affect the texture of the final result of the dish.

Plus, the added moisture can also change cooking times, leading to unevenly cooked meat.

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Potential For Flare-Ups Or Uncontrolled Fires

Rain and moisture can increase the risk of flare-ups or uncontrolled fires in smokers, especially when using charcoal or pellets.

Wet fuel can suddenly ignite intensely, causing flare-ups.

These uncontrolled fires are dangerous and can damage the smoker or cause injuries.

It’s important to watch the smoker closely in wet conditions and have proper ventilation and controls to manage flare-ups.

Sliping And Falls

The area around the smoker can become wet and slippery from rain, and this will increase the risk of slipping and falling, which could cause injuries.

To reduce this risk, place the smoker on a stable, non-slip surface.

Use outdoor mats or rugs that provide good traction and regularly check for water buildup.

Wearing slip-resistant shoes can also help prevent accidents in wet conditions.

Tips For Using A Smoker In The Rain

Here are some of my best tips for smoking in the rain:

Use A Smoker Cover Or Canopy

A smoker cover or canopy can protect your smoker from rain and moisture while still allowing smoke to escape properly.

These covers are made specifically for smokers and help keep the temperature steady and prevent water from getting into the cooking chamber.

These will make sure your smoker stays dry and functions correctly even in wet conditions.

Set Up A Temporary Shelter Or Gazebo

Using a temporary shelter or gazebo over your smoker can also shield it from rain and give you a dry place to work.

Options like pop-up canopies or tailgating tents are easy to set up and take down as needed.

Basically, setting up a temporary shelter helps maintain a consistent smoking environment and protects your smoker from getting wet.

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Thermal Blanket To Insulate Your Smoker

Using a thermal blanket or insulation around your smoker can also help.

It will help maintain consistent temperatures and minimize the impact of rain and moisture. 

Fire-resistant insulation blankets, like those used for water heaters, provide extra protection and insulation, preventing temperature changes caused by rain.

This makes sure your food cooks evenly despite the weather.

Close Pellet Hopper

If you are using a pellet smoker, you must close it to keep moisture out.

Wet or swollen pellets can cause problems with how they burn, and disrupt the smoking process.

By keeping the pellet hopper closed, you prevent moisture from getting in and ensure the pellets feed properly, maintaining a smooth smoking process.

Use A Windbreak

Setting up a windbreak or positioning your smoker in a sheltered area, such as against a wall or fence, can help you to minimize the effects of rain during the cooking process. 

This can prevent heat loss and keep the temperature inside the smoker more stable. 

Using one helps maintain the right cooking temperature, ensuring your food smokes properly.

Monitor Temperature Closely

Closely monitor the smoker’s temperature and make adjustments as necessary to maintain the required cooking temperature. 

If not, temperature changes can lead to uneven cooking or potential food safety issues if the temperature drops too low for an extended period.

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Keep Your Fuel Dry

Store your charcoal, wood chips, or pellets in a dry place.

This ensures it burns correctly and maintains a consistent smoking environment, producing better-tasting food and preventing issues during the smoking process.

Wet fuel produces a lot of smoke, affects the flavor, and causes flare-ups or temperature problems.

What To Do After Smoking In The Rain

After smoking in the rain, you must dry and clean your smoker to prevent problems caused by moisture and make it last longer.

Dry both the inside and outside well to stop rust, corrosion, and mold growth.

Also remove any leftover moisture from parts like the pellet hopper and electrical components to avoid them malfunctioning or causing safety issues.

For electric and pellet smokers, check the electrical parts like the heating element, control panel, and wiring for any damage from moisture.

To stop metal parts from rusting, dry them thoroughly and put on a protective coating or oil.

You can use food-safe oil or silicone-based lubricant on stainless steel parts and think about using rust-prevention spray on other metal bits.

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