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Weber Smokey Mountain 18 Vs 22 (Which Is Better?)

Weber Smokey Mountain 18 Vs 22 (Which Is Better?)

The Weber Smokey Mountain smokers are super popular with barbecue lovers and pitmasters. 

These charcoal smokers shaped like bullets make it really easy to smoke delicious meats without too much effort.

You can get them in two main sizes – the 18-inch and the 22-inch models. 

For most newbies, picking the right one can be confusing.

That’s where I come in. In this post, I’ll compare the Weber Smokey Mountain 18 Vs 22 against a number of factors to help you decide which size you should go for.

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#1 Size And Cooking Capacity

The biggest difference between the 18-inch and 22-inch Weber Smokey Mountains is their physical size and how much food you can cook. 

#1 Size And Cooking Capacity

The 18-inch model has enough cooking area for around 20 bananas (as funny as that sounds), while the 22-inch can fit up to 30 bananas. 

This space difference matters when smoking large cuts like briskets or whole turkeys. 

The 18-inch can handle most regular sizes, but you might need to get creative with positioning or go for the 22-inch if you often cook for big groups or want to smoke multiple large items at once.

#2 Grill Grates And Charcoal Baskets

Both smokers come with two grill grates, so you can cook at different levels or different foods. 

But the 18-inch has a deeper water pan compared to the 22-inch. 

This can affect how heat and moisture move inside the smoker. 

Plus, using an extra charcoal grate in a crisscross pattern to stop the fuel from falling through, helping it last longer during smoking sessions.

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#3 Temperature Control

A big advantage of the smaller 18-inch Weber Smokey Mountain is how well it controls and maintains temperatures.

It can stay at a steady 300°F (149°C) all day, no matter the weather conditions!

You don’t need any electronic gadgets for this either.

But the larger 22-inch can spike or drop in temperature when you open the lid, meaning you have to adjust the vents to get it back to the right temp. 

This is important if you prefer a more hands-off approach or want consistent temperatures throughout the cook.

#4 Accessories and Modifications

You can add different accessories and modifications to both smokers. 

You can use things like lid hinges that give the dome lid a secure resting spot, and gaskets that help seal in heat and smoke. 

The 22-inch model also has some Cajun Bandit parts like a custom door, chamber locks, and wheels for moving it around easier. 

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While not totally necessary, these extras can give you a smoother, more customized experience – especially if you move your smoker a lot or want specific features.

#5 Portability And Storage

The weight and size differences between the 18-inch and 22-inch models affect how portable and easy to store they are. 

#5 Portability And Storage

The smaller 18-inch is generally lighter and simpler to move around, making it better if you have limited outdoor space or take your smoker places. 

The 22-inch might need help or wheels to relocate efficiently. 

And when it comes to storage, the 22-inch will obviously take up more room – an important factor if you have a tiny backyard or minimal storage areas.

#6 Price And Value

The 22-inch Weber Smokey Mountain costs more than the 18-inch at most stores. 

But the larger cooking space and ability to fit bigger cuts of meat or cook for more people can make the higher price worth it for some.

If you mainly cook for a small family or only smoke food occasionally, the 18-inch gives you good value. 

But if you host large gatherings frequently or compete, the extra room and versatility of the 22-inch could be a smart investment.

Should I Get The Smokey Mountain 18 Or 22?

Choosing between the Weber Smokey Mountain 18 and 22 really depends on your cooking needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

The 18-inch is awesome if you want a compact, easy-to-control smoker for smaller groups or are just starting out. Its temperature stability and user-friendliness make it reliable for new smokers and experienced pitmasters. 

But the 22-inch is ideal if you regularly cook for crowds, want loads of cooking space, or compete in barbecue competitions. Its size fits huge cuts of meat and allows more versatility, although temperatures need a bit more managing. 

Whichever you pick, both smokers give you that classic Weber quality and the joy of making insanely tasty smoked foods for family and friends.

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